Chip cards help protect your business from accepting counterfeit cards and potentially being liable for reimbursing fraudulent transactions.


Chip cards create a unique cryptogram for each transaction, assuring that each transaction is authentic.


Chip cards are nearly impossible to copy. Accepting chip cards helps protect your business from fraud associated with accepting counterfeit cards.


Many chip card readers also include the ability to accept contactless mobile payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Partner with VANTIV for your POS Card Procesisng.

Vantiv offers a wide variety of payment technologies ranging from a stand-alone device to an integrated POS solution.

We give you POS choices

• Integrated POS – processing technology built into the POS system

• Terminals – another way to enjoy Vantiv service and support

• Virtual terminal – when you are away from your store

• Ecommerce – easy, online transactions to extend your reach

• Mobile payments – accept mobile payments and capture more sales

Built for you, by you

Vantiv SmartPay Series™ featuring Verifone Carbon lets you choose the best “smart hardware” for your business. It doesn’t force fit you into one option that might not work best for you. You configure based on what your business needs. Whatever you choose is adaptable through Vantiv Verified applications that make it easy to and affordable to tailor your point-of-sale (POS) system, so you can simplify how you get business done and focus on growth.

Introducing Verifone Carbon with Vantiv SmartPay Series™

Our SmartPay Series™ now features Verifone Carbon, a best-in-class POS that’s specifically suited to your demands and designed to optimize your business. You get the security, support, and versatility to accept payments, plus value-added applications to customize and build a solution that’s specifically right for you.

Built for business

Coupled with Vantiv Payments, Verifone Carbon’s flexible structure allows for the addition of applications that make your business work better. Integrated smart apps and processing make it easy to manage your business and engage your customers. It’s affordable, customizable and dependable.