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Step 1

Apply for Financing

Submit your Commercial Equipment Application, or Consumer Equipment Application online.

You will receive a confirmation that your application is being processed within seconds of submittal. Typically, we are able to provide a definitive credit decision instantly, however sometimes there is additional research required which may take up to 4 business hours. In that case, we will notify you of your credit decision via email.

Step 2

Notice of Approval / Discussion of Terms

Once you are approved, a representative will be contacting you to discuss your program options – ie: the number of months you’d like to take to repay, as well as the type of agreement you’ll be signing.

With some financial programs offered by TimePayment, the equipment becomes yours when you complete all payments (Lease-To-Own). In other programs, the equipment can be returned at the end of the contract, or at your option, it can be purchased after all lease payments have been made (Fair Market Value). Be sure to discuss available options with your TimePayment representative.

Step 3

Electronic Signature

Once you have selected the program and term that works best for you, you will receive an email containing a link to the documentation for your equipment lease. Click on the link to view and execute the lease documents.

You can easily sign these documents electronically using any desktop, tablet or smartphone device; or you can print the documents for manual execution.

Step 4

Arrange for Delivery / Pickup

Following completion of documentation, you’ll need to communicate with your selected vendor to arrange for delivery of your equipment.

That’s it! Enjoy your new Equipment!

Step 5

Manage Your Account Online

Create your profile on TimePayment’s MyAccount Manager™ to manage your account online, including; making payments, checking your statements, requesting upgrades, and more.

Visit and click the green “Create Account” arrow to get started.