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Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer


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Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

If you need fast, dependable printing in the most space constrained areas, you need the ZD410. this ultra-compact “fits anywhere” printer is designed for the smallest of work spaces. When it comes to flexibility, the ZD410 shines — this printer creates high-quality labels, receipts, tags and wristbands. this super-fast printer keeps your workers productive. Deployment is a breeze — the ZD410 is loaded with connectivity options. the ZD410 is easy to use, operate and troubleshoot, ensuring your printer is always up and running. and Zebra Onecare service maximizes the availability and productivity of your ZD410 printers with unmatched from-the-manufacturer support that covers everything — from worn out printheads to normal wear and tear. the ZD410 — the little printer designed with big business functionality.

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  • Description

    Ultra compact “fits anywhere” printer

    The ZD410 is the smallest printer in its class, fitting easily in the most space-constrained desktop or shelf — you can even mount it on a wall.

    Adaptable to meet your current and future needs

    The movable media sensor gives you more media options, including media with off-center black marks, die-cut notches or multiple labels across the width.

    Easy to use and troubleshoot

    Five status icons — status, pause, data, supplies and network — provide the additional information you need to keep your Zebra printer up, running and available. now, at glance, users can see if the media needs to be replenished, if the network connection is down and much more.

    Easy to clean and sanitize healthcare model

    The ZD410 is available in a healthcare model with disinfectant ready plastics and a sealed button interface that makes it easy to clean and disinfect— crucial in hospitals and clinics. the ZD410 fits easily in space constrained pharmacies, labs and nurses stations. and with its 300 dpi printing option, even the small labels on specimen containers and prescriptions are highly legible.

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