Microsoft POS2009 has been DISCONTINUED

Please click here for information on Retail Management Hero (RMH) for a complete Migration

This Product is no longer available.

We are able to provide limited support or reloads if needed. POS2009 can be upgraded to (RMS) or (RMH) with no data loss. Contact or office concerning this migration. We are happy to assist.


Flexible and scalable retail store management to help your retail business succeed


With Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, you can optimize store performance and help make your people more productive. Leverage innovative features and a highly customizable, role-based user interface to gain quick, simplified access to the information you need to drive business success. Finally, easy-to-use wizards enable you to quickly set up your store operations, while a personalized user experience helps people focus on what matters most—your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics® POS 2009 is a flexible, scalable store management solution that empowers you and your people to provide outstanding customer service and make business decisions with confidence to level the playing field in today's competitive retail environment. With unsurpassed ease of use, affordability and reliability, Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 is designed for retailers in dozens of verticals to help manage inventory, control cash, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Streamline business processes

○ Streamline and track business operations, including inventory, supplier management, and POS processes.

○ Process transactions quickly with bar code scanning, custom POS buttons, and an easy-to-use touch screen.

○ Give associates at the point of sale an easy way to check prices, inventory availability, and location quickly.  They can access customer information, handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout, and quickly create and process returns.

○ Save time and money by integrating credit and debit card transactions at the POS and eliminating the need for expensive card payment terminals and high transaction fees.

○ Make informed decisions with accurate information and powerful reporting tools.

○ Integrate and exchange information with the Microsoft Office System and Intuit QuickBooks accounting software—make full use existing software investments and share information across applications without adding additional training costs.

Get up and running quickly with easy set up and ease of us

○ Help users learn POS procedures in minutes—even if they’ve never used a computer before—with the intuitive user interface.

○ Train new employees quickly using the practice mode option.

○ Define and track the exact information you want to see about your customers with user-defined custom fields.

○ Tap into the skills of Microsoft Business Solutions Partners to provide expert support and assistance, helping you set up and tailor Microsoft Point of Sale to meet your specific retail needs.

Track and manage inventory efficiently

○ Save time and reduce employee overhead by automating inventory tracking.

○ View inventory status: quantity sold, on hand, on order, and more.

○ Track and manage items across your store using familiar and flexible stock and sales methods.

○ Replenish top-selling items efficiently and negotiate lower purchasing costs by tracking item movement and supplier histories.

○ Create automatic purchase orders and identify your best-price suppliers.

○ Create bar code labels with a built-in label designer.

 Help improve security and your bottom line

○ Help reduce shrinkage, false returns, credit card fraud, and unauthorized discounts. With several security roles that can be assigned to employees, managers can control access to sensitive data and track returns efficiently.

Make better, more informed business decisions

○ Create interactive real-time reports that identify best-selling items, most productive employees, detailed sales history by cashier, department, category, supplier, and more.

○ Access and analyze current, detailed data across your entire store. Identify sales trends in every department or category, evaluate operations and financials, track results from sales and ad campaigns, and set and monitor business policies.

○ Export report information in several formats; Microsoft Excel, text, HTML, XML, or e-mail.

○ Use the "My Store" feature to customize screens, setting them to display only the reports that are most important to you.

 Increase sales and build customer loyalty

○ Target customer preferences and display up-sells and cross-sells to cashiers, so they can mention them to customers during transactions.

○ Implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers.

○ Create targeted customer mailings based on buying preferences and purchase histories.

Count on technology from Microsoft

When you invest in Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, you can rest assured that it's backed by one of the world's leading technology providers. You can count on Microsoft's years of experience delivering business applications and services known worldwide for top quality.

 Who uses Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009?

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 can be used by most small to medium retailers. The business type are almost unlimited. 

System Requirements

What is required to run Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009? These are minimum requirements.  It is always recommended to be running on the latest platform of hardware and peripherals to ensure optimal performance and reliability.  POS Retail Solutions will be happy to provide a inspection of any existing hardware and provide you an analysis of it's compatibility.

Operating System and Software

○ Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 or later,

○ Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1 or later,

○ Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 or later,

○ Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 or later, or

○ Microsoft Windows Vista Business or above with Service Pack 1 or later

○ Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (included),

○ Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition recommended for stores with five or more computers (not included)

Required Hardware Resources

○ 1.4 GHz or faster processor (2 GHz recommended)

○ 1 GB of RAM or more (2 GB recommended)

○ Approximately 1.5 GB of available hard-disk space

○ VGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution monitor

○ Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device


Additional items or services required to use certain features

○ Touch-screen monitor

○ OPOS-compatible POS hardware, such as bar code scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), customer-facing payment terminal, PIN pad, check reader (MICR), signature capture device, or line display

○ Internet access (fees may apply)

○ Shares information with Intuit QuickBooks 2007 or later

Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you choose to install.


Software license terms

You must accept the Software License Terms displayed during installation. To read the Software License Terms, go to If you do not accept the Software License Terms, you will not be able to install the software.

Product activation is required for continued use of the software, and may be done by Internet or telephone. Instructions and Microsoft’s privacy statement will be available to the user during launch of the software.