Mobile Dashboard and Reporting


Mobile Dashboard empowers restaurant operators to monitor their vital operations data in real-time from virtually anywhere on any device. POS data analytics are essential to restaurant operational efficiency and security. With Mobile Dashboard your POS system information is reported directly from your store to your device, in real-time without delay.


SoftTouch Mobile Dashboard is a valuable

tool for restaurant operators that use real-time

data metrics and key performance indicators

to manage their operations.


Customizable layouts and configurable dashlets

create an at-a-glance perspective of the business.




Since Mobile Dashboard is accessible

from SmartPhones, tablets and computers,

It allows absentee owners and managers

to monitor critical information

from virtually anywhere in the world.



Make decisions based on the

information that you want to see.

Choose from 50 dashlets to create an

ideal dashboard for your business.



Mobile Dashboard includes over 30

POS reports you can launch from your

mobile or desktop device.

Real Time Data


Data analytics are essential to

operational efficiency and security. With

SoftTouch Mobile Dashboard what you

see is real-time data from which to make

business decisions.