Our staff is trained on the software and the different peripherals that we sell and we strive to provide the best in installation services.

While our products are easy to use and intuitively designed, they are also very robust and contain a wide range of features. To help you gain the maximum benefit from your investment in applications, the training offered is designed to illustrate the most efficient way of implementing your point-of-sale products.

The training is designed to assist managers in understanding the ‘what and how’ of the solution you are using.

On-site training at your location provides a more personal, customized learning experience using your terminology and data.

Contact us regarding on-going training as personal changes happen to ensure everyone understands the correct and most efficient use of your software.



Understanding your software and its capabilities insures you're ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.  Providing products that address every aspect of a business sometimes means learning functions that you may not be familiar with or keeping up with the many features it supports.  POS Solutions constantly strives to stay in touch with all the new products and solutions being released.

Often initial training may cover functions you may not use for months.  Every system installed comes with training and support for the first year.  This includes 24/7 support to answer questions and ensure you understand the solution you purchased.

Should you find yourself or new employee's in need of additional training, then POS Solutions is always glad to work with you over the phone, remotely over an Internet connection or in a classroom type environment.  Contact us for additional information.


Support is included for the first year with most system purchases, unless otherwise stated.  After that period an annual support contract is available, which includes unlimited calls. 

Support calls can also be handled on a per call basis.  Whether you require on the phone or on site help, we're there back you up. 

Calls are billed at a 1-hour minimum on-site, which includes travel time or to the nearest 1/4 hour on the phone with a 1/2 minimum based on our current hourly wage.  We also offer a daily discounted rate should your needs be more demanding for extended periods of time.

POS Retail Solutions supports all users of Microsoft RMS, Microsoft HQ, Microsoft POS2009QuickSell 2000, Retail Management RMH and SoftTouch products.  If you are not registered with POS Retail Solutions, a credit card will be required to secure your payment.

You may also email your questions to POS Retail Solutions using the form provided below.  If you do not currently have a support contract with us, someone will contact you regarding your request and payment.  Please do not include any credit card information in your email. 


Upgrading Your System- No matter of how great a product is, there is always new and improved software and hardware options being released everyday to address the demands of the industry. 

You may have a great system, but if your hardware is falling apart or becoming unstable due to age and use, then it may be costing you more money than to replace it.  Today's merchants can't afford to have their systems going down in this fast pace economy. 

Regardless of your Point-of-Sale system, contact us to find out what's new.  Most all of today's products are backwards compatible to allow upgrading your hardware or software and utilize your investment you may already have in a POS system. 

(205)942-4949 or (888)607-6777